Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace Review

Weber 2726 FireplaceThe Weber 2726 wood burning fireplace is an attractive, effective and affordable outdoor fireplace that will provide you and your family with plenty of enjoyment for many years.

It provides a beautiful open fire, with a clear view of the flames and glowing coals, and has a heat-deflecting lid that directs the heat outwards to you and your guests rather than upwards into the sky, making the fire cozy and effective at keeping everybody warm. It’s also well-constructed from durable materials, and accompanied by a good warranty and good customer service.

On the safety front, it’s a compromise. On the one hand, it’s an open, un-screened fire, so you need to be more careful than you would with some other fireplaces. On the other hand, the lid lets you completely smother the flames, so you can safely and quickly put out a fire when you’re finished with it.

Overall, the Weber fireplace is very good value for money and one of the best in the price range.

Weber Fireplace Review


Ambiance & Functionality

Weber 2726 FireplaceThe Weber 2726 fireplace makes a nicely sized fire that generates plenty of heat and will burn for a long time, making it very suitable for a backyard party. It has a clean and simple appearance, and the smooth porcelain coating makes it look attractive rather than utilitarian. It also provides a clear view of the burning logs and glowing coals, which is after all what makes a wood-burning fire so charming.

The fireplace has three separate pieces: the base that holds the fire; the lid; and a riser that holds the lid above the fire. When placed on the riser, the lid stops the heat from escaping into the sky, and directs out towards you and your guests instead. The lid can also provide protection from light drizzle, which is a boon when you have bad luck with the weather. Of course, sometimes you don’t need the extra heat, and you just want an open fire, in which case you can just use the base without the lid and riser.

The lid also serves an important safety function. When the party’s over, you don’t need to wait for the fire to burn out, and you don’t need to resort to dousing the fire with water (which could damage the fireplace). Rather, just use a fire tool to remove the riser (it’ll be hot) and put the lid directly onto the base. This will smother the flames and extinguish the fire safely, as well as save un-burned wood and coals for the next fire.

The only real drawback with the lid is that it disrupts the smoke from rising directly upwards. This is easily remedied by only burning seasoned hardwood, which will generate minimal smoke (and is also safer because it causes fewer sparks).

The fireplace doesn’t come with a cooking grill, but you can add one easily enough (like this one). You could also improvise by removing the lid but leaving the stand in place and using it to rest skewers (although that’s not really what it’s designed for).

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Assembly & Customer Service

Weber 2726 Fireplace Assembly

Weber 2726 Fireplace Assembly

1-2: Lid & Handle; 3-5: Ring Support for Lid
6: Fire Bowl; 7: Aluminum Heat Shield; 8: Legs

Assembly takes about 20-30 minutes. There are a couple of dozen screws and bolts to insert, so you’ll need a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. You’ll also need two pounds of sand to put in the bottom of the bowl. This is easy to miss in the assembly instructions, but important for insulating the bottom of the bowl.

The assembly instructions themselves are a little cryptic, basically because they’re a series of diagrams without any written words. This means that Weber can service 25 different languages in a single instruction booklet, because they only need to translate the warnings and warranty, but don’t need to translate the instructions (because they’re just pictures). I suppose this helps keep the cost down, but it does make the construction more challenging than it needs to be. That being said, the construction is relatively straight forward provided you take the time to study the diagrams beforehand so you know what goes where. The parts themselves are precisely manufactured and will fit together easily without having to bend or force anything.

When positioning the fireplace for use, make sure it’s on a non-flammable surface (stone, brick, etc.) Also, because the fireplace doesn’t have a screen and is open to the air, sparks will escape and may ride on air drafts, so make sure you position it a good distance (e.g. 35 feet) from flammable materials. The aluminum heat deflector below the fire bowl can also be made more effective by putting some sand (or even water) in it.

The product comes with a two-year limited warranty, which basically means Weber will replace any defective parts, provided the fireplace is assembled and operated according to the instructions (see the Owner’s Guide for details). Weber’s customer service department has a good reputation for looking after its customers.

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Construction Quality & Durability

Weber 2726 FireplaceThis is the latest version of a Weber design that has withstood the test of time. With normal maintenance, you can expect it to last many years. Although not particularly heavy, it feels solid and well made. Some other fire bowls will deteriorate after a few years, but not the Weber. The bowl and lid are the same type of porcelain-enameled steel construction that weber uses in its outdoor grills, and both are strong and resilient to heat and corrosion. The legs are steel, as is the riser that the lid rests on. The heat shield below the bowl is aluminum, which won’t corrode. The least durable parts are the handles, which are made from wood, but like any outdoor wooden furniture, should last if looked after.

The overall quality of materials and construction are very good, but to maximize longevity you should protect the fireplace from the elements when you’re not using it, either by storing it in a garden shed or garage, or using a cover to protect it from rain and snow (Weber makes an inexpensive cover that fits well).

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Customer Reviews

Amazon Rating: 4.6 Weber Fireplace Review

“…This is attractive and a good size for our large backyard. We had a party and the guests loved it!…”

“…this provided safety and ease of use that exceeded my expectation…”

“…one nice little fireplace. Easy to assemble and the quality is there to last just as to be expected with anything weber has its name on.…”

“…the second Weber fire pit I have owned and the first one lasted 14 years…”

“…I was given a replacement lid from Weber -it showed up within 2 days! A real testament to Weber’s customer service…”

Read more reviews here: Weber 2726 Fireplace Reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • The lid deflects the heat to the sides (i.e. where you’re sitting) rather than letting it escape upwards.
  • The lid’s also a good safety feature, because it can be used to smother the fire when you’re done, and you don’t have to worry about leaving it unattended.
  • The porcelain coated steel bowl and lid are the same high quality material used in other Weber products, and will last for many seasons of use. The construction of the whole unit is very durable, while still being relatively light-weight and portable.


  • The sides are open to the fire, allowing sparks to escape, and there’s no hearth or safety rail to protect you from accidentally bumping the hot surface. So you’ll need to be mindful about where you put it, and how close you get to it. A mesh screen would make it safer, although to be fair, the openness is more attractive, and allows easier tending of the fire.
  • The logs rest directly on the sand in the bottom of the bowl. This smothers the air flow a bit, so you may want to add a charcoal grate (e.g. like this one).

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Weber 2726 Fireplace Summary

Weber 2726 Fireplace

Model: 2726 Fireplace
Manufacturer: Weber
Type: Wood Burning Fireplace
Fuel: Wood
Diameter: 29.5 inches
Total Width: 31 inches (including legs)
Height: 32 1/8 inches
Weight: 38 pounds (incl. packaging)
Construction: Porcelain enameled steel bowl and lid
Steel legs
Aluminum heat shield
Wooden handles
Assembly: 20-30 minutes. You’ll need a flat head screwdriver and a wrench, as well as 2 lbs. of sand to put in the bottom of the bowl.
While not essential, you may also want to add a grate to help with air circulation and burning (e.g. the Weber 7441 Replacement Charcoal Grates).
Safety: The lid can be used to completely seal the bowl so you can safely suffocate and extinguish the fire. This is a great feature.
However, the sides are open, allowing sparks to escape. There’s also no hearth or safety rail to prevent direct contact with the fire bowl. These aren’t huge issues if used responsibly, but worth thinking about.
Fire Tools: Not included.
You’ll need some grill gloves, and some tongs or a poker.
Cover: Not included.
But the Weber 7460 Premium Fireplace Cover is inexpensive and fits like a glove.
Cooking: No grill included.
But Rome’s #123 Camp Ring Grill Grate works.
Manual: Weber 2726 Fireplace Owner’s Guide

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